Cara Delevingne and her “little liar” explode at the homophobic comments they receive in networks

About a year ago there was a rumor about a possible relationship between Cara Delevingne and the ‘little liar’, Ashley Benson . They have not confirmed a courtship and, the truth is that they maintain their relationship, whatever the nature, in a discreet background. Of course, from time to time share images together on which other users think.

Apart from their personal relationship, they have also shared the professional. Both acted together in the musical drama Her Smell , along with Elisabeth Moss . And it seems that between them there is a great complicity.

Delevingne confessed that when he was 20 years old he was aware of his bisexuality. In this time we have known her relationships with men like Harry Styles or Jake Bugg and with women like Michelle Rodriguez or St Vincent . But none of those couples was the final one.

Now it seems that has found stability with Benson and although it seems that in the XXI century, do not have to worry about what others think of what they share, in fact it is not, there is much land of conquest for freedom and respect.

Every week I spend something disrespectful against Ashley Benson . I’m glad Ashley does not come near Cara anymore. Cara is always disrespectful. Ashley deserves better! “

And the thing was not there because immediately began to multiply the comments of this type. “Ashley, I know you’re here. I’m serious, you need to get away from that demon and not go back. I am sure that many strong, handsome and religious men would accept you in an instant. You are not like that. You are not gay. You love men and you need one, “added another user.

Although the couple must be accustomed to the haters, it is what has to move in the networks and be known, it seems that this time they did not want to leave the opportunity to answer and, finally, burst.

Benson replied to the first user. The model was a little more vehement: ” You’re fucking disgusting! If you have a problem with real love, then come and tell me that shit in the face instead of pathetically hating Instagram. Honestly, I feel sorry for you two. Clearly, you are not happy with your lives and you have too much free time. Maybe you should look for a hobby that does not suppose to be homophobic and hate others for being happy . “

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