How can good and pleasure give rise to chemical dependence?

The human being is moved to pleasurable practices, after all, who likes to do what annoys him? 
In the quest to satisfy their desires and nourish sensations of pleasure, some people eventually lose their control and become dependent on their habits. 
Among these practices is the consumption of licit and illicit drugs that cause chemical dependence. Keep reading and discover how the pursuit of pleasures can make us dependent on them.

How does the brain react to pleasure stimuli? 
When we perform something that gives us pleasure, a mechanism known as a reward system is triggered in the brain. This activation occurs through dopamine, a neurotransmitter that sends information to the brain cells responsible for the areas of:

  • Memory creation.
  • Focus and attention.
  • Motor function.
  • Emotions.

This area of ​​the brain is closely related to the sense of happiness and the effects of humor. The brain tends to make use of the reward system, since its function is to protect us from what causes pain or suffering. 
Regardless of the stimulus (sex, food, drugs, games, technology, etc.), this reward system will be activated and the feeling of pleasure will increase even more. 
This is where addiction comes in, because the brain will insist to feel this sensation at other times. That’s why you need to be aware of habits to avoid addiction.

Simple Habits Can Generate Dependence
It is foolish to think that only illicit drugs cause addiction. There are other types, such as:

  • Technological dependence;
  • Emotional dependence;
  • Addiction in games;
  • Sexual addiction;
  • Physical activity dependence;
  • Food dependence.

The factors that lead a human to develop these dependencies are the same, what changes is the source of pleasure. The person happens to live to feed that practice and to satisfy their desires. 
Regardless of the type, it is always difficult for the dependent to recognize that they need help and treatment. For him, it is a harmless practice that can be discontinued at any time, it is enough that he wants. 
When that which brings pleasure becomes an illness, it is time to seek medical help. Regardless of which dependency, it must be diagnosed and treated.
Depending on the stage and type of addiction, it may be necessary to stay in a specialized clinic to have the care of a multidisciplinary team (psychiatrist, therapist, physical trainer, nutritionist, etc.). 

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