News: Springsteen announces new solo album

In his long- awaited first studio album in five years, Bruce Springsteen l cam their music to a new place, inspired by the pop albums of Southern California in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The album was recorded mainly in the studio that Springsteen has at his home in New Jersey, with additional recordings in California and New York. It will be the nineteenth studio album by Springsteen, and will go on sale next June 14 .

“This album is a return to my songs based on characters and with extraordinary orchestral arrangements in the cinematic style ,  says Springsteen, who adds: “It’s a jewel of a record.” The 13 songs of Western Stars cover a wide range of topics related to the United States: roads and desert areas, isolation and community and the permanence of home and hope.

Hello Sunshine song and video  are now available . Ron Aniello, producer of the album with Springsteen, also plays bass, keyboard and other instruments, while Patti Scialfa lends her voice and contributes vocal arrangements in four songs.

The musical arrangements not only correspond to string instruments, winds and pedal steel, they also include contributions from more than 20 other musicians , among them Jon Brion (who plays the celesta, the Moog and the farfisa organ), as well as collaborations of the artists David Sancious, Charlie Giordano and Soozie Tyrell.

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