On World Word Day – Pass , learn how you can protect it

Ensure that the personal data of users are protected, Kaspersky Lab informs, in a statement sent to the editor of News Minute to , and to mark the World Day of Word- Pass , which launched “a new version of freemium solution management words- pass . “

It is called Kaspersky Password Manager and is presented as a “solution” that “facilitates the process of organizing confidential information, such as passwords , documents or photographs”.

“Kaspersky Password Manager allows users to view and save PDF documents as well as sort the files that are uploaded so it is easy and quick to find them,” reads the note.

More. This new version allows us to see ” if any word- pass was under suspicion in some database and can be accessed from multiple devices .”

The goal is that, as it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain control and password security , given the “increasing number of new profiles belonging to the same person on  websites,  applications or social networks”, which the user is able to keep them protected “but also easily accessible for everyday use (for example, for purchases  utilities, car rental or hotel reservations).”

This is how Kaspersky Password Manager came about, “which works almost like a ‘magic box’, where you can save and query all private information, passwords and personal data in a secure and accessible way from any device .”

Users can also ” keep passports, citizen cards, driving licenses, bank cards, insurance policies and any other confidential document in JPG, image or multipage PDF format. They can also assign categories for each document in order to facilitate access and shorten the search time “.  

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