Problems due to lack of challenges – children of the rich

For a child to grow up healthy, several factors are involved: love, caring, care, balanced nutrition, discipline, fun, among others. The presence of challenges is also important for their good development. 
Today, we will talk a little about the problems that a child can acquire due to the lack of these challenges, especially if the family has good financial conditions. The post will also address ways to include healthy challenges in the routine of small children to contribute positively to their growth.

How does the lack of challenges affect the development of children?

Challenges are very important for child development. It is from them that the child tests its limits and develops physically, mentally and psychologically. 
Just watch the smaller children, for whom crawling was a challenge and gradually came to fruition. The same happened with walking, talking, learning to read, etc. 
Obstacles thus move people out of their comfort zone, making them progress, learning new things, and broadening their world view. 
Such challenges vary greatly throughout life according to several factors and social class is one of them. It is common that those who have better conditions have access to more technology, is not always positive.
Technological toys, for example, can lessen creative potential and make the little one develop the idea that everything is acquired without much effort, which in real life may be quite different and more complicated.

How can challenges help your child?

It is very natural for parents to want to save their children as much as possible, freeing them from everyday frustrations and disappointments. 
After all, who does not want to prevent their child from being disappointed or frustrated by adversity, especially when you have the means, including financial means, for that? 
But this is not how it should be. It’s not because you can pay for many toys that you should buy a factory from them for your little one. If you do this, the child will realize that it is easy to have everything you want and will not value what you have, although you encourage her to do the reverse.
As everything comes very easy, she does not have to struggle to get what she wants. This can be quite negative throughout your growth, causing serious problems of conduct and character. The solution to the problem is to let challenges arise and your child to deal with them. 
Does he want a toy? Insist that he wait for a convenient date (birthday, Christmas, Children’s Day, etc.). Did he break the new cell phone he won? Get him to take part in everyday tasks so that he can raise money for the purchase of the new appliance.
What he needs is the realization that everything has a price. And that challenges are important for him to get where he wants and reach his goals. In this way, it will value more the path taken to reach the fulfillment of your desire and not only the result or final product.

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