She tortured five-year-old sister to death to exorcise her

A20-year-old man was arrested in Morocco after having tortured his sister to death in a ritual of exorcism.

The local paper Al-Massae explains that everything happened in the locality of Kenitra, north of Rabat.┬áThe young man believed that his five-year-old sister was possessed by demons.┬áThus, he first tried to exorcise it with a ‘roqiya’ session consisting of reading the Quran according to a particular ritual.

But as the man understood, the session did not work, he decided to use a knife to cut his sister’s body and thus drive out the demons.

However, the girl eventually died from her injuries and the young man still tried to cut his mother’s neck because he believed that the demons had jumped from the sister’s body to the mother who managed to escape and warn the authorities.

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