The exciting encounter between a transplanted man and the donor’s family

John Sueme, 65, went with his wife, daughter and friends to watch a game of his Saint Louis Cardinals baseball team last Sunday. The day was particularly special for John Sueme. The team organized their ‘Transplant Awareness Day’. After five years of suffering from heart problems, John Sueme received a new heart. The transplant took place in 2016.

But this Sunday was even more special for John because he happened to meet the relatives of his heart-giver, Donovan Bulger.

According to CNN, after being transplanted John Sueme wrote a letter to thank the new heart, which allowed him to continue to enjoy the gift of life.

Following the usual procedure in this type of cases, John Sueme did not identify in the letter that was published. But months later she received a letter from one of Donovan’s sisters, Savannah Roesch, which contained two photographs of the young man who was 21 when he died in a road accident.

It was these photographs that allowed John Sueme to identify the relatives of his giver. Donovan’s brothers came to the game wearing green t-shirts with their photograph.

“We were all there representing our brother when someone asked ‘Are you Donovan’s family?'” Recalls Savannah Roesch. There were moments of great emotion. “A party of hugs and crying,” says Donovan Bulger’s sister.

The brothers of the young giver could hear his heart beat again, now in John Sueme’s body. 

“We were six to the game but we came back nine. We are a family, “Savannah said. The group is already planning the next meeting.

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